Vinet America is a leading provider of AI generation technology solutions for the travel industry. Established in 2000 by a group of experts from both IT and travel industries, Vinet America specializes in the development of Internet based software solutions for tour operators, golf operators, airfare consolidators, hotel chains and inbound operators.

Common database does it all…

Vinet America is specialized in developing technologically complex and challenging system solutions especially addressing the growing needs of travel companies for an Internet based, comprehensive software. Integration is the key issue in Vinet America’s technology; travel companies tired of old systems, which obliges them for repetitive, inefficient efforts, are now enjoying the efficiency of Internet based software from Vinet America that enables them with the total integration. Common database, which can be simultaneously utilized from different geographical locations, enables call centers, travel agents, in-house reservations and operations departments, destination offices, different levels of management, financial departments work seamlessly in harmony via Internet, wireless communication environment.

AI Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making significant strides in the travel industry, revolutionizing how businesses operate and how travelers experience their journeys. From personalized recommendations to automated customer service, AI is transforming various aspects of the travel sector. At Vinet America, we are embracing all these advancements in AI to improve and simplify the entire travel process. From personalized suggestions to automated customer service, we are integrating AI into our systems to enhance every aspect of the travel experience.

AI is also enhancing the booking process by analyzing vast amounts of data to offer personalized recommendations to travelers. We are considering factors such as past travel history, preferences, and budget. Then we employ AI algorithms to suggest tailored travel packages, accommodations, and activities, thereby improving customer satisfaction and increasing bookings.

Moreover, we are utilizing dynamic pricing strategies, allowing tour operators, airfare consolidators and hotels to adjust prices in real-time based on demand, competition, and other factors. This enables businesses to optimize revenue and maximize profitability while offering competitive prices to travelers.

In the realm of operations, our AI-driven predictive analytics is helping businesses forecast demand, manage inventory, and optimize resource allocation. By analyzing historical data and external factors like weather patterns and events, our AI algorithms are providing valuable insights to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

NDC and GDS interfacing…

With NDC, we retrieve fares and terms directly from airlines' databases, ensuring access to the most favorable rates and conditions. This capability empowers our airfare consolidators and tour operators with most competitive advantages.

In addition, our sophisticated web services interface with GDSs (Sabre and Amadeus) is one of the most reliable interfaces in the industry. We continue to utilize this interface alongside NDC for airfares searches and bookings. If there are any allocated seats and fares loaded in Vinet America’s system, they will be included in the search results also. As a result, we provide a super hybrid search experience for airfares, displaying them all in one screen of search results, streamlining the booking process.

Internet Front-end; what is it?

Dynamic Interactive Internet Front-end (DIIF) is the cutting-edge technology trend in online platforms. Unlike traditional front-end interfaces, DIIF allows users such as customers and travel agents to interact directly with the database in real-time. This functionality is crucial for successful sales but requires a deep understanding of technology to avoid frequent failures and ensure seamless operations.

DIIF is the pinnacle of front-end technology, enabling simultaneous interaction between users and the database. While it's complex and challenging to implement, its successful application provides a significant competitive advantage in e-commerce, particularly in the travel industry.

At Vinet America, DIIF is not just a rare practice—it's routine. We excel in developing and implementing sophisticated web browser-based technologies and communications, making DIIF an integral part of our platform to drive success in the travel industry.