Vinet America...
Internet based systems
for golf operators

• Internet (web browser) based complete system
• Customizable and interactive front end
(compatible with all browsers)
• Fully integrated and very enhanced back office
• Access to system from everywhere
(ideal for home based sales staff)
• Dynamic packaging of golf, accommodation
and airfares
• Golf package builder
• Display tee times as they are available
• Sophisticated reservation pages
• GDS interface (Sabre or Amadeus – or both)
for public and bulk airfares
• Block seats (charter) capability
• Multilingual and multi-currency
• Merchant model margin administrators
• Easy implementation of specials and deals
• Auto mailer for documents with own logo and
colors (itineraries, invoices, vouchers etc)
• Package builder and pricer
• Enhanced landing pages for golf offers
• Large library of reports and queues for operations
and control
• Online credit card processing
• Specially accessed “my reservations” page for
customers and travel agencies
• Visual library for display of property contents

The solutions for golf operators offered by Vinet America include dynamic packaging for tee times, accommodation, transfers and flights with full booking capabilities.
One complete solution for all your operational requirements….

The golf dynamic packaging system of Vinet America operating on internet allows full booking capability both at front-end and back office including tee times. Any specials for golf as well as golf packages (with or without accommodation) can be implemented.
An enhanced back office allows you to enter your golf and hotel contracts with the vendors and price them for sale. Professionally designed landing pages can be used for special golf package offers. Air flights are provided by a fully integrated Sabre or Amadeus web services in addition to block/charter seats module. For operations and controls a vast list of reports and queues is provided to ease life for travel industry. Supplements can be added to increase revenues. All customers and agencies can view their reservations at the special “my reservation” page.
It is important to note that 3GTS does not provide hotel rates and availability from third party hotel GDSs; you must have your own contracts with hotels and resorts in order to use 3GTS.